So, where do you find the necessary real estate investment funding?

The answer is simple – private money lenders. Funding your real estate investments, these individuals or groups of individuals want to earn more than 4% in the stock market. If you are an accredited investor or possess a net worth over one million, then our real estate funding experts can help you make a much better return on your investments. Besides lending, we have a number of real estate projects going on all the time that are earning 200% or better. That’s why we can lend at such great rates. At Private Funding Consultants, we don’t make our money from just lending. We do exactly what we teach you to do.

As a Certified Private Money Lender, we work with other private money lenders to secure the best funding source for your particular circumstances to fund your investment projects. Non-conventional or private funding is what successful real estate investors use to buy, fix, flip or hold investment properties! Simply put, if you’ve been wondering how to flip a house, our real estate investment experts are all the help you need.