Poor credit scores can be crippling, but there’s no situation that can’t be turned around when our credit repair specialists are working for you. A lot of us in the real estate business for several years, took some major hits to our credit. We have the experts that can raise a 550-credit score to 650 almost overnight. With a little work, we can probably get you to 750.

You won’t believe what this will do for your purchasing power. As a real estate professional, you need access to lines of credit to purchase supplies. You need to be able to call Home Depot or Lowes, order $2000 to $3000 worth of materials over the phone, and have it delivered. If you are still having to pay cash for everything because of your credit, you are missing out on lots of discounts and good deals available only over the internet, where a credit card is required.

Our credit repair consultants are 5 Star rated and have been helping people with credit repair since 2006.

At the end of the day, credit is just a number, and we’re fully prepared to help you achieve real estate success regardless of your credit situation.