We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: successfully flipping a home is no easy experience, but with the right tools, knowledge, and resources available at your side, this doesn’t have to be a hair-pulling process. Of course, it’s hardly any secret that the real estate investing business is a tricky enterprise to strike success in. Even the most experienced of realtors and home flippers may find that they require outside help from time to time whether that’s in the way of real estate consulting, capital financing, marketing listings, and so forth.

Learn How To Sell Your House With Our Experienced Private Money Lenders

At Private Funding Consultants, our experienced team of real estate consulting professionals know the industry, and acknowledge just how challenging it can be to do things on your own. That’s why our dedicated house flipping help services are designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to sell your house fast. If you’re wondering how to sell your house by owner, you’re selling your home after purchasing a discounted property and fixing it up, or you’re just typing in “sell house fast” on Google with no knowledge of what to do next, take comfort in the fact that you have a friend in the house flipping market.

Here’s how Private Funding Consultants can help make your real estate flipping dreams a lucrative success:

  • Funding – Asset-based private money loans equip you with the capital you need to finance real estate projects.
  • Consulting – How do you get those difficult questions answered, and who you can trust? Our seasoned, credible consultants can help.
  • Financial Services – All too often, poor credit scores and tax complications hold people back from their entrepreneurial dreams. We can help sort your finances.

We’ll Help You Find, Fund, And Flip!

Effectively walking you through all parts of the real estate investment process, Private Funding Consultants is your total solution to locate properties, fund your renovation costs, and flip a property for profit. Learn more about our team or contact us with any questions today.

Stage Your Home Like A Professional

If you’re not staging your home, then you’re missing out on a key aspect of the home flipping process. Read below to get some tips and tricks on how to make your renovated home irresistibly attractive!

Start With The Yard

Your potential buyers aren’t going to magically materialize inside of your home — they have to come in from the outside, after all. This is going to be their first impression of your home, that snapshot curb appeal impression that could very well make or break the expectations that they’ve garnered based on your listing.

Make sure that the yard is attended to, and if there’s a porch area in the front, carefully place some rocking chairs and a small end table out there. A home tour begins from the outside of the home, so start staging it from the outside.

Focus On Highlighting The Strengths

Don’t attempt to “hide” the blemishes of the home that you’re trying to sell — this may raise questions from a potential buyer that are difficult to answer — instead, simply emphasize the strengths! Whether it’s a particular room in the house or perhaps a picturesque backyard space, carefully arrange furniture and other pleasantries to make the area look as desirable as possible.

Remember, the idea of staging a home is that you’re helping the potential buyer imagine what it’s actually like to live inside the home. Contribute to their fantasy and help them visualize what these liveable spaces look like with tastefully arranged furniture and other household items. Void, empty space is a no-no with home staging.

Simple Accessories Can Go A Long Way

Spending money on accessories doesn’t have to be a costly expenditure. Essential for giving a room a feeling of warmth, comfort, and reassurance (all things that you want a potential buyer to be feeling when they’re walking around the home), even something as simple as a bowl of fruit, a candle holder, or potpourri can go a long way in making a room look and feel pleasant. Speaking of nice and pleasant…

Make Sure Everything Smells Good

No one appreciates bad smells. Sure, it’s not like a whiff of a strange smell is going to make or break the deal, but if your house has a particularly pungent odor coming from somewhere, you’re going to want to address this olfactory disturbance before a potential buyer comments on it. With new carpeting or hardwood flooring and other brand new materials, things should be smelling pretty nice, but a gentle essential oil diffuser discreetly running in the background definitely doesn’t hurt.

Decorate Based On The Season

If it’s the middle of summer, don’t dawn the walls with an advent calendar and posters of Frosty the Snowman. Simply take into account what time of year it is and match your home’s decor to this particular time of year. This should help your potential buyer feel more comfortable inside of your home for sale, and also provide them with a smoother transition from the outside of the house to the inside.

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We don’t expect you to be a house flipping expert — that’s what our real estate consultants are here for. Equipping you with all of the resources you need for comprehensive home flipping success, you’ll sell your home fast. Work with Private Funding Consultants today and contact us for real estate flipping advice, marketing, funding, and more!

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