So, you’ve worked long and hard to identify the ideal property to invest in, renovate, and ultimately flip by finding the right homeowner. But have you actually found the right buyer? Dumping countless hours and great deals of capital into a real estate investment venture would prove to be quite the waste of time without someone there to make the entire process worthwhile. The point is, if no one notices your recently fixed up property, and thus, purchases it, then what’s the point of even attempting to flip a home?

Real Estate Marketing And Planning Made Easy Thanks To PFC

This highlights our point that effective real estate marketing is everything when it comes to making your efforts worthwhile. Fortunately, our real estate consulting firm here at Private Funding Consultants is no stranger to real estate advertising. Going far beyond lending you private capital to fund your next real estate investment project, we can help you set up real estate ads, provide real estate marketing ideas (read below!), and advise you through every step of the real estate planning process.

Learn more about what Private Funding Consultants can do for you and your desire to “sell my house fast” today. If you have any questions or concerns right off the bat, feel free to reach out to us here.

Get Your Listing On Major Real Estate Websites

Seeing as massive real estate websites like have over 160 million visitors per month, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t list on these websites. Digital marketing really is standard for most industries these days: the National Association of Realtors actually states that some 92 percent of buyers house hunt online.

Video Is Everything. Consider Using Drone Footage!

Even a catchy description and enticing ad copy on your listing page may not be enough to really draw an interested buyer in. People want to simply click on a video to get a clear (moving) picture of what a property looks like on the inside and outside.

Hiring a qualified drone pilot or carefully piloting a drone around the property yourself will give the viewer a stabilized “virtual tour” of your fixed-up property, and is bound to be much more engaging than a series of fuzzy pictures and a few paragraphs of text.

Be Active On Social Media

Along with videos and listing your property for sale on major websites, social media is also a very useful and effective way to reach out to potential leads. Of course, the posts on your account will change over time as you (ideally) flip properties, but hey, people are active on social media. Why not connect with them?

Working With Our Experienced Real Estate Consultants

When you work with the team here at Private Funding Consultants, you can trust that our years of industry expertise and experience with finding, funding, and flipping homes will lead you to complete real estate investment success. Helping you during every step of the home flipping process, our consultants are ready to help you tackle your investment projects. Contact our private money lenders today to get started!

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