“If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.” That statement is applicable to many things in life that require hard work and discipline to achieve a successful outcome, and the real estate market is no exception. The idea of generating a passive income and making money off of properties that you own is, to be sure, a tempting one. However, no one is going to become a real estate mogul overnight. Even with some startup capital and a little know-how, you’re going to want the help of experienced real estate investment (REI) professionals to help guide you toward success.

Working With Our Private Money Lenders and REI Consultants

Simply put, we’re the professionals that you’re looking for. Private Funding Consultants is composed of a team of accomplished and seasoned real estate investors that not only understand the challenges associated with flipping homes and investing in properties, but also provide the myriad of resources necessary to overcome these common challenges.

We provide real estate investment assistance in a number of ways. In terms of services, Private Funding Consultants can help you in the way of:

  • Consulting: It’s in our name, and it’s our passion to work directly with our clients to help you troubleshoot issues commonly associated with investing in real estate. Whether you’re working one-on-one with our founder and CEO, Roy Harris, or any one of our passionate real estate consultants, we’re here to answer your pressing questions.
  • Private Money Lending: Finding the right money lenders to work with is easier said than done. Money lending boils down to a matter of trust: Can you find an asset-based money lender that won’t nail you with interest charges or judge your financial situation solely based on one credit report? If you’re in search of real estate investment capital from a trusted source, we’re your lenders.
  • Other Financial Services: We don’t stop at lending private money. PFC can also help emerging and established real estate investors in the way of credit repair, tax consulting, and bookkeeping management. Let us help you take care of the numbers.

Why You’ll Need a Hand As a Novice Investor

Read more below about the most common challenges associated with flipping homes and why you should work with a team of real estate investment consultants and professional money lenders. Should you have any questions along the way, you can contact Private Funding Consultants in one click.

It’s Difficult To Know Where To Start

You can’t flip a piece of real estate without…well, a piece of real estate. Conducting market research, exercising due diligence, and learning more about properties in your locale may be doable on your own, but these tasks are also demanding and time-consuming. You may not know enough about the immediate area to assess the long-term viability of your real estate investment; perhaps there are unforeseen codes or local regulations that you wouldn’t otherwise account for if you hadn’t talked to us. Before you’ve begun making renovations for your house flip, it’s absolutely essential that you start with the right property in the right area. We can help.

You Might Not Have Enough Money

To make money, you’re going to have to spend money — that’s business and investments 101. Without an established history of successful home sales and subsequent cash flow, your credit may be a significant deterrent in your quest to receive sufficient funding for your property acquisition. That’s where our private money lenders come into the picture.

By leveraging your assets as opposed to your personal lines of credit, Private Funding Consultants can help provide the capital necessary to finance a downpayment, future mortgage payments, and renovation costs in addition to legal fees and other formalities.

You Can’t Wait Months On End Just To Make A Sale

There’s nothing quite as frustrating or stressful as spending months searching for the right property to invest in, finding it, acquiring it, renovating it, and putting it back on the market, only to have it sit for multiple months without so much as a single inquiry. What good are your efforts if you’re not flipping your investment?

Private Funding Consultants will help investors like you flip homes in a matter of weeks — generally within a greater time period of 90 days or less. That’s not just time spent on the market either; our three-month time frame includes the entire home flipping process.

You’re Struggling With Renovation Logistics

If you’re feeling brave, DIY’ing your renovations is always an option, but most people opt out and simply hire contractors because they don’t have the time, tools (resources), or know-how. We don’t blame you; it’s unrealistic to expect that from novice investors.

Our team of real estate consultants has worked with countless contractors and renovation companies, so we know what to look for and how to help you find the best deals on reputable businesses that you can trust.

Consulting Packages Designed To Support Your Success

Private Funding Consultants is proud to offer four different tiers of real estate investment consulting packages, each uniquely tailored to individuals ranging from beginners to serious investors:

Whatever your vision is as an emerging or seasoned real estate investor, our money lenders can help you find, fund, and flip thanks to our collective experience and passion. Don’t let another season go by without acting on your dreams. Get started with Private Funding Consultants and our real estate consulting services today.

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