Investing in real estate is a pretty broad concept at face value, but this is also something that exhibits great promise and a potential for a lot of profit for you as the investor. While quite lucrative, real estate investing is, by hardly any stretch, an easy matter. Realistically speaking, investing in property is a tricky business — especially if your intention is to flip a home. You might be facing daunting questions like:

  • How much is this property worth?
  • How much will renovation costs be to fix this place up before it goes back on market?
  • How do I obtain the necessary capital to fund my real estate investment?
  • Is my credit good enough to be approved for additional funding?
  • How do I repair my credit score if it’s not sufficient enough?

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Naturally, these are only some of the many questions that accompany the real estate investment process. All things considered, everything might seem pretty overwhelming, but just know that you have a friend in the real estate investment market by working with our experts here at Private Funding Consultants.

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Though this blog post is far from a comprehensive overview of real estate market analysis, gather some high-level insight by checking out what we have to offer below.

What Is A Real Estate Market Analysis?

That’s a great place to start! Essentially, as an investor looking to flip properties, your goal is to research a certain locale based on historical, current and projection-based future data to find the most lucrative properties to purchase — and eventually sell — on the market.

Often used almost interchangeably with a “comparative real estate market analysis,” you’ll likely find yourself comparing one property to another or putting your investment side-by-side with other competing properties that share similar features. Think of this process as a means of due diligence.

Location, Location, Location

This old cliche rings true in so many ways. Are you familiar with the particular area that you’re curious about investing in? Perhaps this neighborhood is local to you, or maybe looking at investing in an area across the country shows a lot more promise in terms of making a profit.

Whatever the case, you’ll most likely want to ensure that the area you’re looking into is, in fact, a buyer’s market. Remember, the buyers dictate the market and control prices in a given area.

Type Of Investment Property

After you’ve secured a worthwhile area to invest in that you’re at least remotely familiar with, you’ll need to choose a specific property to flip. Your taste or sense of style, coupled with what proves to be the most ideal property type to flip in a given area (again, coming from your market research), are two main guiding factors in committing to a property. Keep in mind that one type of property might do very well in a certain real estate market, but poorly in another area.

Stay Tuned For More Real Estate Investment Insight

With the help of our friendly and qualified real estate consulting team here at Private Funding Consultants, finding, funding, and flipping properties doesn’t have to be rocket science. Stay tuned as our real estate funding professionals continue to touch on real estate market analysis, or feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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