Do you have a particular knack for fixing things yourself? Perhaps you’ve purchased the ideal property to flip and now you’re yearning for any reason to bust out your shiny new set of tools and get cracking on the latest home renovation project in your life. Well, the opportunity to take out the old and bring in the new could very well be upon you if you’ve recently purchased a home for the purposes of flipping it.

While the feeling of a job well done thanks to the efforts of your own hard labor is nothing shy of rewarding, you may want to give your renovation project(s) more thought before you start tearing the walls down. Think to yourself: “Do I really know what I’m doing when it comes to home renovations? Do I have the necessary tools, experience, and know-how to get the job done the right way? Is this project beyond my technical capacity?”

If you have any doubts or “no’s” to any of these questions, then hiring a professional contractor is, at the very least, worth your consideration.

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Investing in real estate presents enticing prospects, but the real estate industry isn’t always easy to navigate. Not only does one have to put in hours and hours of diligent market research to find the right property to invest in, but acquiring the funds to secure such an investment can also be a fleeting matter. Then, once you’ve finally purchased a home that’s worthy of flipping, you’ll have to fix it up and eventually market it to find the right buyer, ultimately making a profit. All things considered, home flipping really is quite a process!

That’s why Private Funding Consultants offers time-honored, tried-and-true home flipping services including private funding for real estate. We’ll help you find incredible real estate deals and walk you through the entire process of real estate investing at large, providing you with a resource that you can trust and rely on the entire time.

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Below, our experts in private funding loans are going to cover a few key considerations about renovating a property on your own versus hiring a professional contractor. Let’s take a look.

If You’re Capable, Tackle The Minor Projects On Your Own

Before you’ve signed the final paperwork on your soon-to-be-flipped home, you’ve become quite familiar with the house’s current condition that what needs to be improved before reselling it. Before breaking out the tools, buying materials and getting started, you’ll want to organize these projects into order of importance as well as viability in terms of whether you (and your partner, spouse, etc.) can tackle them on your own or not.

Here’s a quick list of some of the easier, more approachable renovation jobs that the average joe can typically address and improve:

  • Painting the walls, cabinets, and other areas – if you have experience painting and you know what you’re doing, freshening up the look of a kitchen or a bathroom with a new shade of paint will not only do wonders, but you don’t necessarily need a professional painter to help you.
  • Upgrading fixtures, mirrors, and accessories – it’s not always super-difficult to change out various fixtures, and doing so will add a lot of life and modernity into an otherwise old and outdated space. Lighting fixtures, toilets, faucets, and even outdated kitchen appliances are worth keeping in mind.
  • Replacing the floor with laminate – while performing a hardwood or tile installation on your own may not be easy, doing so with laminate is actually quite approachable. So long as you have good experience using a saw and you’re willing to dedicate an entire weekend to this project, replacing a faded floor with brand new laminate yourself can certainly save you a great deal of money.

Leave The Heavy Lifting To The Qualified Professionals

There’s a reason that construction professionals wear hard hats and other protective safety gear — you can get hurt tearing down and building back up various parts of a home. If you seriously doubt your ability to do just about any of the following renovation jobs, hiring a professional contractor is the safe, surefire solution to a successful home renovation project. Consider the following:

  • Electrical and plumbing-related work – if you’re relying on guesswork to fix the home’s electrical or plumbing systems, then you should definitely get a professional on the job. Not only are there strict codes and regulations to comply with, but you could really hurt yourself.
  • Installing new cabinets, countertops and flooring – though it seems pretty simple at face value, properly and accurately installing these items is easier said than done. Not only does this require precise measurements and a careful hand, but it also requires some pretty serious muscle to hold things up and get them in place. Do not take these renovation jobs lightly.
  • Structural changes (removing walls, repairing the foundation, etc.) – sure, we’re all eager to smash down a wall with a giant sledgehammer, but you’re really going to hurt yourself (and cause unnecessary damage to the integrity of the home) if you’re blindly going at it. Get a professional on the scene.

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We’re no renovation specialists, but our team of experienced real estate consultants here at Private Funding Consultants can help curious real estate investors like you through all aspects of the process. From finding to funding to flipping, contact us today for private funding for real estate!

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