It’s no secret that the key to long-lasting wealth is in real estate. Buying properties and flipping them or buying a home to rent it out almost always equates to a significant source of income for the owner, who then leverages their property’s equity to take out a loan against it to buy another property. Rinse and repeat, and this is how many successful real estate investors own several properties.

The Challenges Of Investing In Real Estate

Now, while most people know that real estate will always be an extremely lucrative enterprise, inexperienced investors aren’t sure how to navigate the process. Finding funding to finance the purchase, along with finding the best property to invest in and understanding real estate legalese, is easier said than done — especially if it’s your first time attempting to flip a home.

Help With Flipping Homes Made Possible By Private Funding Consultants

It’s with these challenges in mind that Private Funding Consultants is here to help turn your real estate visions into a tangible, profitable reality. Our team of real estate consultants and private money lenders bring over a century of combined experience to the table in the areas of marketing, real estate, accounting, and construction.

We’ve seen and dealt with just about every aspect of the home flipping process imaginable, and now, we’re ready to help novice investors like you succeed. Keep reading below to learn more about the value of our real estate consulting, private money lending, and home flipping services.

Real Estate Consulting

Before you put money down on a house and close on it with the intention of flipping, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into: Is this a valuable investment? What determines this property’s value? What factors should I consider before I pull the trigger?

If you’re new to real estate investments, you probably don’t have the answers to these questions. And that’s perfectly fine! That’s why our team of seasoned consultants is here to help you during every step of the process. We’ll help you find worthwhile properties to invest in that will provide a guaranteed ROI when you eventually go to flip it.

Multiple Consulting Packages

Private Funding Consultants is proud to offer four specifically tailored consulting packages based on your level of experience and the projected scale of your investment(s). From simply finding good deals to facilitating long-term real estate investment success, we have the right real estate consulting package to help you during every step of the process.

Private Money Lending

You might be able to find a great home to flip, but what good is this find without the funds necessary to procure it? Our Certified Private Money Lenders provide you with funds that are asset-based, meaning that your income or credit history won’t serve as roadblocks to acquiring your much-needed capital. While traditional financing through banks is likely to result in a time-consuming headache, private money lending gets you the capital you need quickly and without hassle.

Financial Services

In certain cases, private money lending is not necessary to help finance your real estate acquisition. Therefore, it is necessary to help boost your credit score to an acceptable level to receive traditional financing from a bank or another lending institution. Private Funding Consultants can help repair your credit score in a matter of days thanks to our team of credit specialists.

We also provide financial services in the way of taxes and bookkeeping. Your home flipping experience may be very profitable, but you’re going to take a major hit from the IRS. Our accounts can help maximize your deductions so that you’re getting maximum returns and actually keeping them in your pocket.

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To reiterate, it’s easy to know that buying and flipping the right property is a surefire way to make thousands of dollars. However, executing this intention is the true challenge. With the help of our team of comprehensive real estate investment experts here at Private Funding Consultants, we’ll help you achieve the success that you deserve in an efficient and stress-free manner. That’s how we do business.

Request a free consultation today or contact us directly with any questions.

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